Learning The Auction House System

Everyone uses the Auction House for one thing or another, but have you ever wondered just what exactly all those people are standing around for? Sure, most people come in and sell off a few items and are out in a matter of seconds. However there are some who are secretly breaking the mold. These are the players who you won’t ever see out farming the same mob for hours and hours. So what are they REALLY up to?

Little by little, they are mastering the Auction House. In their homes or on their laptops, they’re watching prices, looking up items, and taking notes. They’re all using the same PROVEN method. In fact, all it takes is a couple of minutes every week. And they are all making -at minimum- 20,000 gold every day. Maybe you’ve noticed things are different at the Auction House recently. That’s because just a few short weeks ago, a brand new guide was released to the public! This brand new guide is called the Cataclysm Scalper, and I’ve reviewed it myself. Click here for the full review.

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