Guy4Game (Great for ladies, too!)

Guy4Game features a simplistic approach, most notably by offering access to the entire website by use of a single drop-down menu. Because of this, they’ve won the applause and loyalty of more than 50,000 different users. From the sleek, streamlined homepage to the easy-breezy checkout screen, Guy4Game leaves little room for error. Add in a toll-free tech support line to supplement their 24/7 live chat, and dozens of ways to pay online, and you’ve got yourself a contender. Have they earned your business yet? Since its founding in 2004, Guy4Game has grown to offer power-leveling, accounts, game guides, and of course, gold services for over 17 popular MMO’s. Still on the fence? How about a 6-hour delivery guarantee? Again, they impress with efficiency  After all that, if you still have any doubts, qualms, or reservations, Guy4Game offers a “No Limitation Refund Policy” so no matter how big or small your order, there’s never anything to fear.

MMOKings! Finally, Something Good!

Hey, Robert here! We’re excited to report that our newest subject for discussion, MMOKings is NOT one of those nasty, untrustworthy WoW currency sites that we’ve seen so much of! In fact it’s quite the opposite. MMOKings supports most of the popular MMO’s; where World of Warcraft is concerned, you can choose from two products: World of Warcraft Gold or Power-leveling. These two things they do very well. Backed by a mailing address, email, phone line, 24/7 live chat support and full refund policy, MMOKings easily ranks among the safest companies you can use. You can check out the speed of the last 500 deliveries; when we checked, it was 66% of deliveries completed in less than an hour (11.13.2015). They call it their “lightning fast delivery” As far as the basics go, the website itself is very sleek and takes less than 10 seconds of your time to order. Truly a remarkable company, MMOKings has been selling World of Warcraft gold for almost eight years, and they intend to keep at it! Of course, the

only way to do that would be to keep satisfying their customers, so whenever dealing with MMOKings, let them know that you expect the best!


If safety is number one on your list of priorities, Epictoon might be your best bet. With the most easily navigable money-back guarantee around and an iron-clad (they call it “Epic”) order-tracking system, you can be assured that your money is safe from the time you place the order until delivery. As far as virtual currency traders go, Epictoon is fairly young, getting started in 2009. Since then, though, Epictoon has expanded to a point where you can come here for game-guides, a news blog, and gold services for several different MMO’s. Finally, they have a habit of sending out these bonus coupons and promo-codes, so you know that your business means a lWoW Gold - Low Pricesot to them.


The Bank of WoW

For someone who wants to get the best bang for their buck, The Bank of WoW is usually going to be the best option. Being one of the only gold servicing sites with a “lowest price guarantee” has given Bank of WoW the advantage over the competition since 2005 when they first set up shop. Combine that with the standard 24/7 Live Chat Support, and a unique order tracking system, and Bank of WoW certainly has what it takes to stand up to the competition. Additionally, take into account over 3,000 on-site user reviews giving them an overall rating of 94.75 (9/10/2011). Last but not least, they have a unique notification system that allows you to get a message every time the price drops, as soon as it happens. Bank of WoW is certainly the go-to solution for any large order, or for anyone on a budget!


Bank of WoW Review

As far as virtual currency goes, few can say they know as much as, with 3 million transactions worldwide. This company has been in the business for 8 years, making it older than World of Warcraft itself. With a straight-forward, professional website and their delivery guarantee, its hard to find a reason not to take all your gold-buying to  As soon as you find yourself on the crisp-and-clean homepage, you’ve got your pick of the most popular MMORPG’s. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can then decide if you want to buy OR SELL gold, or maybe you just want to skip all that and purchase a second account, they have that too! Plus, all the basics are there: with‘s 24/7 tech support chat and a toll-free line; they guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. In addition, there are a few features that make stand out from the mold. Their “strong” anti-spam policy has won the approval and praise of, so you can rest assured that you will never receive an in-game or email spam from them. Another great thing about is the delivery tracking. Just like any modern-day delivery service, you can track your order from the time you place it until the gold is in your account. Finally, their prices are consistently some of the best you can find. Even if their customer service wasn’t top-notch (and it is)‘s prices are always fair, and sometimes they’re the best available.



Pro’s & Con’s

Best Prices, Delivery Speeds, and Features

Site10,000g*Delivery SpeedPayment OptionsCustomer ServiceExtras
Bank of WoW$14.91GoodCredit Card, PayPalChat, Email, Phone, Order Trackingn/a
Guy4Game$15.95GreatCredit Card, PayPal, Google, MoneyBookers, Money OrderChat, Email, Phone, Order TrackingPowerleveling, Accounts, CD-Keys, Items
WoW Gold Pig$14.80AveragePayPal, Click&Buy, MoneyBookersChat, Emailn/a
MMOKings$16.68ExcellentCredit Card, PayPalChat, Email, PhonePower-Leveling
EpicToon$18.99AverageCredit Card, PayPal, Money Order, Wire TransferChat, Email, Phone, Order TrackingAccounts
IGE$24.38GoodCredit Card, PayPal, MoneyBookersChat, Email, Order TrackingAccounts


*(Taken from Illidan Alliance 9.21.2011)