The Bank of WoW

For someone who wants to get the best bang for their buck, The Bank of WoW is usually going to be the best option. Being one of the only gold servicing sites with a “lowest price guarantee” has given Bank of WoW the advantage over the competition since 2005 when they first set up shop. Combine that with the standard 24/7 Live Chat Support, and a unique order tracking system, and Bank of WoW certainly has what it takes to stand up to the competition. Additionally, take into account over 3,000 on-site user reviews giving them an overall rating of 94.75 (9/10/2011). Last but not least, they have a unique notification system that allows you to get a message every time the price drops, as soon as it happens. Bank of WoW is certainly the go-to solution for any large order, or for anyone on a budget!


Bank of WoW Review

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