What’s the deal with MMOSavor.com??

Initially, MMOSavor.com had me impressed! Looking past the obvious misspelling of the domain name, the landing page was full of action. Advertised were things like power-leveling, accounts, items, VIP Specials, and free gold. On the sidebar scrolled dozens of raving 5 star reviews. After taking all this in, I clicked over to the Live Chat line and within about five minutes I was connected. Once there, they must have been so bogged down it literally took an hour for the representative to answer 5 simple questions, the last of which was “how long has the company been in business?”. Her response was “24 hours”. Huh?! Maybe this explains why the Bizrate® icon in the footer links to Bizrate.com. No, not the unique confirmation page that says the website is trustworthy. Just plain-old Bizrate.com! On top of that, the Paypal® icon right next to it doesn’t even try so hard! It just links to mmosavor.com/#, so now I’m sketched out. I google around for keywords like “mmosavor scam” and tried to see what the internet thought by typing “mmosavor -www.mmosavor.com”. Now I’m simply disappointed. My google results were inconclusive, but with that said, I recommend you stay away from this site. If nothing else, just don’t wait until their Bizrate® icon actually works.

In the meantime, here are some more reputable sites:

5 thoughts on “What’s the deal with MMOSavor.com??

  1. MMOSavor.com stole my money. I bought 31000 gold. They sent a guy who gave me 6000 gold. This took over an hour. Then he told me to wait another half hour. A guy opened a trade window for the remaining 25000 gold. I hit “cancel” accidentally. He then logged out while I was trying to reopen the trade window. Now I am trying to get the remaining gold, and they won’t give it to me. They have accused me of not being truthful because I wasn’t able to spend 2 hours waiting for them to give me gold again.

    I, then, asked if I could complain about the service I received since the guy logged without verifying that the trade had been completed. They wouldn’t let me and kept insisting that I was lieing. This was in spite of the fact that they delete all records of transactions 3 days after they are “completed.” They also refused to let me talk to a manager or to give me a phone number to call with a person who could answer my call. This has been a terrible experience.

    • This website is a joke. If anything goes wrong with your payment or your in-game trade they will just tell you its your fault and the live chat service sucks. They ended up charging me for double and when i went to them to fix it they told me it could not be fix. This website will try to scam you of your money dont go there.

  2. well mmo-savor strikes again ordered 40,000 gold took 24 hours got 12,000 gold 6 calls to customer service and several lies,stalls and bullshit now 36 hours later got no gold sure wish I’d read you review sooner their Thieves and scoundrels I would never deal with them they stall you til your money clears and your Fucked.

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