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Best Leveling Techniques

So you want to know more about leveling up. Well here’s the latest (and only) review on the best leveling guide out there. Actually it’s not a leveling guide, rather a whole series of strategy-guides built into a World of Warcraft Plug-in so you can follow along while playing. Next is a few things you should know about this one. First, the guide was created by a team of dedicated WoW gamers over a period of 3 years, with the casual part-time player in mind. With that said, the guide contains an Easy, Medium, and Hard preference so that whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, there’s something for virtually everyone; whether you want to go from level 1-85 solo in a couple of days or master the dungeons with your friends. Let’s get into the details.

Solo Questing (the fastest way)

One of the many things that this guide truly excels at is describing a step-by-step solo questing formula, all the way from level 1 on up to 85. While hundreds of times you may have found yourself running back and forth in the same area killing the same mob for different reasons, the guide lays out the optimal path for you to just blast right through an entire quest-chain and never double back. This way you know that no time was wasted; this is one of the ways the guide can save weeks of leveling.

“Your Destination Is On the Left”

It’s like having On-Star(r) built into your WoW console! Actually it’s better. Another one of the invaluable features included in this guide is the infamous video game way-point arrow (which has been patiently awaiting its introduction into World of Warcraft). The way-point arrow is color coded to let you know what region you are in, and how close you are, it automatically updates itself as soon as any part of a quest is completed, and it’s always 100% accurate. Combine that with a built-in macro for auto-targeting the NPC you should be looking for, you can say goodbye to stomping around in the bushes looking for hidden NPCs.

Never Wonder What to Do Next

Taking into account such variables as: where your character is, how fast you are leveling, which quests you’ve decided to skip, and more, the system has a feature that will “suggest” one of the many guides to turn on for you (by default, it will select the appropriate guide automatically). Also -unlike other guides -you’ll be able to do pretty much whatever you want, be it using Heirloom Items, Recruit-A-Friend, or maybe you’d like to do some PvP or Dungeon-delving. Afterward, there’s never any problems synching back in with the guide!

Got an extra 8 MB lying around somewhere?

If you like the idea of constantly knowing where to go, who to talk to, which quest to pick up, when to complete it and when to turn it in, what creatures to kill, what items to use, where to find the flight path points and when to use them, and when to set and use the heartstone, go ahead and check it out for free. That’s right, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and 100% free! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the image.

And it really works, see the video for proof!

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